Discover How To Take Back Control Of Your Life, Feel Energised And Magically Eradicate Stress Without Relying On Expensive Drugs Or Supplements...

All It Takes Is Just 20 Minutes, Once A Week To Innoculate yourself against Stress - Even If You Have Tried Everything Else Before And Failed!

  • Do you constantly rely on endless amounts of caffeine each day just to focus on simple tasks?

  • Do you feel that you struggle to focus and concentrate

  • Do you feel that your past is holding you back?

  • Or maybe you rely on strong medications or Alcohol just to get a decent night’s sleep, but then still struggle through the next day?

Many of us are Born to be Great leaders, to Innovate, to create and to take our place on the stage of life and we work hard to provide for our families but stress takes over and somehow we get lost in this maze we call life, we lose our real focus and it takes over our day to day existence.

Before we know it, weeks, months and years have gone by and we don’t know who we are anymore, we’ve drifted away from our loved ones and the people we were working so hard for, we’ve lost all those precious moments that could have been great memories in our future but instead they're just lost opportunities, now that’s a sad reality of life.

The current crisis

The current crisis

Your Stress may have gone through the roof recently due to the coronavirus and it probably has turned your life upside down.

It's estimated that this pandemic is going to change the way people work forever.

  • You may be feeling under pressure
  • Struggling to switch off? 
  • Lying awake for hours because your brain just won't stop overthinking? 
  • Or dragging yourselves through the day, a vicious cycle, every single day

Literally, the world as we know it has changed and so has the way we manage our stress. If we don’t change with it we will get left behind. 

Take a look at these stats:

73% of people have Stress that affects their mental health.

33% of people report feeling Extreme Stress

48% of people report having trouble Sleeping due to Stress

We at Master Divine Health understand that we all suffer from stress and anxiety at some stage in our lives. We know from experience that when it comes to stress and anxiety, our triggers may be different but stress leaves our lives turned upside down.

We understand the pressure and stresses of being in a Business...

Being a Boss...

Being a Parent...

Having success...

but feeling completely unfulfilled 

We don't believe that Stress should ruin your Life or take away each days happiness and  prevent you from having great relationships with the people you love.

We have the SOLUTION FOR YOU...

Introducing "The Magic Toolkit"

An amazing 6 week program to free you from stress and help you create Success on your own terms.

Our Magic toolkit combines a mixture of Ancient and Modern techniques which are  proven to help eliminate and eradicate Stress and get your Energy back but more Importantly help you attract into your life the things you DO want effortlessly:

  • Be able to fall asleep comfortably and quickly
  • More Confidence
  • Better Love & Relationships
  • Be able to switch off effortlessly
  • Enjoy work and home life together 

This powerful Program is available completely online and available to you in the comfort of your own home and can give you Life changing results which we believe is going to give you an unfair advantage over everyday life.

How does the Program work?

We get straight to the point, no need to suffer for months in agony and silence, we get you to your desired outcome faster than other wishy washy, time consuming courses and without having to rely on medications or Alcohol and Coffee.

We’ve combined the best of the old and the new to create a program that's versatile and will help to eradicate all of your stress symptoms using the following approach

  • Life Coaching
  • NLP
  • Reiki  
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Meditation


Here's why the Magic Toolkit can really help you:

  • We designed the Magic Toolkit to be super focused without the fluff - It gets to the root of the problem where other methods and programs have failed.
  • It’s simple, practical and to the point No more reading theories for hours, weeks and months and getting lost in the process
  • Your investment is one 20-minute fun module a week and completed in less than 6 weeks
  • We've made it easy to understand and focused on what your mind, body and soul needs in order to be truly fulfilled.
  • Best of all It’s based on decades of experience, knowledge and tens of thousands of previous satisfied clients results and positive feedback

  • The Magic Toolkit is going to help eradicate your stress, give you the tools and resources necessary so you can almost inoculate yourself from the daily stresses of life & all with minimum effort.

  • We made sure it was easy to follow and we talk to you all the way through, so you never get lost.

Our Magic Toolkit program will empower you to have peace of mind where other methods have previously failed and (left you even more frustrated…)

It will allow you to be able to switch off when you want and where you want, be in the moment and enjoy those moments to the fullest .

Ultimately all it takes is just 20 minutes, once a week and you can look forward to:

  • Getting a Great nights Sleep 
  • Having a lot more energy 
  • Dealing with conflicts easily
  • Finding the right work/life balance
  • Connecting deeply with your loved ones 
  • Having Great Confidence at last 
  • Re - aligning your energies to get what you want in life
  • Feel more positive about the future

Here's what's covered in the The Magic Toolkit

It’s Simple.. 

6 modules based on the principles we’ve lived by to help our clients succeed..

Module 1 - Freedom from stress and anxiety:

  • We discuss the science behind stress
  • The triggers of stress
  • Melts away your stress with 2 powerful techniques ( that takes less than a minute to do ) that gives you instant results


Module 2 - Mastering your mindset:

  • How to turn your negative thoughts into powerful thoughts, 
  • Transform Your limiting beliefs into No-Limit beliefs using creative stories that resonate with you
  • Achieve higher Motivation, better work relationships and higher performance levels

Module 3 - Attitude to Gratitude:

  • Conditioning, how we are conditioned from a young age and the effects of it on us in daily life.
  • Procrastination, this is the biggest reason for failure in success and is so easily rectified in order to get lasting results.
  • Gratitude and how to get certainty in uncertain times.
  • Helps you focus on limitless opportunities available in work as well as personal life.
  • It leads to more creativity, joy and increased happiness.

Module 4 - Unshakeable Confidence:

  • Learn how to get confident using different ways.
  • Learn a technique that will give you unshakable confidence, using this technique with an affirmation will help sink in the affirmation deep into your energies
  • You will be more resilient, authentic and will shine through.
  • You will be at your best when it counts the most
  • No more second-guessing yourself

Module 5 - Meditate your worries away: 

  • Why meditation is important as well as essential
  • Learn how to meditate correctly so you can find the peace and calm that Billions of others have already found using Meditation.
  • We take you on a guided meditation to fill your reserves of energy and heal your broken connections
  • Helps you focus on the present
  • Gain a new prospective on stressful situations
  • Helps you with better focus and concentrate

Module 6 - Chakras:

  • What Chakras are 
  • How they impact your life when they are not in balance
  •  Then teach YOU how to re-balance them to Realign your energies, allowing natural healing to take place and help you attract what you desire the most with least effort.

What I’ve just shown you is the exact system I’ve personally used to Transform thousands of clients lives permanently.

This entire Toolkit contains the Exact same strategies we use with our private clients inside our clinic.

The Magic Toolkit Program is valued at £1997


6 weekly group coaching and Q & A calls valued

at £2400 – Feel supported and held accountable

in a group environment so you’re never left


3 x one to one calls valued at £1500 – Get

Individual coaching, accountability, and support

when you need it the most to help make sure

you stay on track and on target to achieving

your goals

Guided mind melt meditations valued at £150 –

designed to fill your energy reserves and help

you feel peaceful and calm regardless of how

stressful your situation is

All of these bonuses are designed to help you

confidently de-stress, level up your mindset,

and re-balance your energy so you can crush

your goals

But best of all - We will hold your hand

throughout the process and empower you with

the tools you need to radically reduce your

stress, sleep better, feel better and experience

joy from your everyday life.

The value of the bonuses alone comes to £4050

Available today for just a fraction of the price

The entire package – The Magic Toolkit Program

(£1997) and the bonuses (£4050)

Total £6047 is available today for just £997

Don't take our word for it

Just listen to what our clients have said

Watch Intro Video

Testimonials from past clients


  • Matthew Goldstein - Warehouse Technician (New York)

    “I was going through a very dark time in my life. As I was searching for help I came across Monika. I had some Chakra balancing sessions with her and I can honestly say that I have had situations happen in my life that normally just wouldn't happen. I have experienced healing from my past and have tried to do my part to correct whatever wrongs I have made. All in all I have had a great experience”.

  • Arfa Saira Iqbal - Direct rewsponse copywriter & marketing consultant (UK)

    I've been having trouble sleeping for a number of years - tried everything from yoga to supplements and meditation etc - nothing worked. Monika gave me one simple thing to do every night before I go to sleep and I couldn't believe it - first time in YEARS I was out like a light! I thought it must be a co-incidence, so I stopped my sleep supplements and for an entire week I did what she told me to - and every single time I was asleep within minutes. Honestly life-changing. If you're struggling with your sleep, speak to Monika!

  • Phillip Thornton - Managing Director of a Logistics Company (UK)

    Being a sceptic I was extremely doubtful about the treatments and their effects, After using Master divine health's services it is now part of my regular routine and I can't wait to return. Highly recommended!!

It's all about your Health At the end of the day

It's important to remember one thing - you can always make more money but you can't ever make more time!

So let's start putting first things first: YOU!!

You can't take care of your responsibilities (Family/Career) unless you take care of yourself because if your health is no good, how will you cope?

So.. there is no need to: 

  • Neglect you needs
  • Feel guilty for not spending time with your loved ones
  • Running out of stream at 100mph
  • Feel disappointed not achieving as much as you would like to.

These is a better way!

Over the last three decades we have helped innumerable people & high achievers who were struggling with stress and burnout to regain their energy, feel calmer and re-claim joy in their life.

If you would like to gain freedom form stress and anxiety and move you towards success and effortlessly re-align your energies to attract what you desire the most then 

Now you have a choice

So.. Now the choice is yours you can either continue on the same path, burned out stressed out, exhausted, depleted of energy and living the same day over and over without energy and zeal and being emotionally and physically and mentally unavailable to the people who matter all around you.

 Or you can take back  control of your life and eradicate your stress once and for all, start feeling more energetic more confident, sleeping better and having an amazing emotional connection with your loved ones.


With the Magic Toolkit all of this is possible and more..

Click the link below to book a consultation with us and Let's get started!!


Anil Bammi

Transformation Life Coach/Reiki master/REBT coach

Anil Bammi

I am a Reiki Master and Transformational life coach with over 30 years experience, helping people to overcome their fears and anxieties. I have helped Athletes and business people to perform to their best abilities by changing their mindset and knowing how to Inspire them to take positive action.


Life coach

Monika Bammi

I am a Life coach, NLP practitioner as well as a Reiki Master, I Specialise in helping people overcome their stress and anxieties in life and have helped literally hundreds and hundreds of people gain back their power.


  • Why is this course Right for me?

    This course is for you if you've already tried many different ways to eliminate your stress but haven't found success with any of them. This Magic Toolkit plugs the gaps that other programs and other methods leave behind. It gets to the root of the problem..!!

  • How much is the Magic Toolkt?

    The Magic Toolkit has several different levels depending on the severity of your stress and exactly what you are looking to achieve which is why we ask you to book a call with us and discuss your requirements.

  • Can you guarantee I will become stress free?

    It would be unethical of me to guarantee you would become completely stress free because every persons situation is different and unique. What I will say is that I have been doing this for many years and helping people get incredible results. Even if the Magic Toolkit helps you resolve any one aspect of your life it would have been worth the cost ( such as being able to sleep better or connect lovingly again) it would have been worth the investment in yourself.

  • What makes this course so special?

    Unlike other courses or programs that take days and weeks to consume and several months to implement, we've deliberately designed the Magic Toolkit to be super focused without the fluff - that means each module is only 20 minutes long, regardless of how busy you are you can do this. The tools and the strategies that we share with you are the same as we use in clinic and are proven to work with our clients and we know they will work for you.